Below is a selection of testimonials we have been sent about the earpal® product. If you would like to send us your testimonial to be included on this site then please email us

Testimonial 1 

'After countless times of overfilling blocked ears with olive oil, what a relief to discover earpal - if only they had invented it years ago!' 

P.Evans, Essex

Testimonial 2

'Earpal is great. I managed to get a big hard lump of earwax out of my ear with ease. At least I won’t have to go to the Doctors to have my ears syringed now!'

Steve Purves 

Testimonial 3

'Wonderful tool to clean the ears with. A bit addictive mind you, I keep cleaning my ears more often than I used to. I keep one in the car and one in my desk draw!'

Keith Barlow

Testimonial 4

'I was a bit apprehensive at first using the earpal but now I love it'

Michael Smith